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447 Broadway, New York, NY

Company InFocus promotes industry innovation and CSR projects. Based in New York, we lay great emphasis on creating social responsibility campaigns and helping find a nonprofit partner that shares your company's goals. We are also looking to improve employee engagement by partnering with healthcare professionals.

About Us
What We Achieved

Corporate Social Responsibility:

At Company InFocus, we realize that corporate social responsibility or CSR collaborations have the power to change the world. Our goal is to help your company find a nonprofit organization that can take your campaign to the next level. 

There are several benefits of conducting social responsibility projects:

  • CSR draws more employees to the company
  • It helps improve your brand image for customers
  • It ensures the accountability of investors
  • Helps you engage better with customers
  • Saves money
  • Does well for the larger society

How We Can Help?


Employee Engagement


Along with innovative social responsibility projects, we also offer services that can benefit the employee engagement of companies. We do this in the form of employee incentives that take care of their physical and emotional wellbeing. Our company will help you partner with healthcare professionals to achieve this.

For all these reasons, we are the perfect medium through which you can get connected to nonprofit partners out there looking for companies like yours. You can explore our extensive social directory to find a social responsibility cause that you wish to support. We then use various media outlets to publish your story and make it public for promotion.

Industry Experiences

Reduce Employee Turnover With Incentives.

Employee Morale

Several customized physical wellness programs are designed to improve employee morale and increase productivity. This can boost motivation at the workplace and prevent slagging; a common occurrence in most corporate spaces. With our services, you can provide employee incentives like physical wellness activities. We also offer access to employee discounts on local and online physical trainers, nutritionists, and dieticians.

Reduce Burnout

Companies that are growing rapidly have employees that are working day and night to achieve that kind of success. However, this also means that these employees are prone to frequent burnouts. The modern workspace now is a highly sensitive place that must realize that for the company to succeed, their young employees must receive mental and emotional healthcare.

Increase Morale

You can increase your employees' morale in terms of mental health by providing them with employee incentives like access to free therapy sessions when needed, yoga sessions, and so on. The millennial and Gen Z generations expect this sensitive approach to their mental health problems and productivity can only increase when they are happy.

Build Trust With Customers and Employees.

Our Goal


Our company aims to provide other companies with adequate sources so that they can find a potential nonprofit partner to design and execute projects with. We have a very thorough and detailed list of such nonprofit organizations and their interest areas. Our goals also include helping you create a workspace that is considered safe and worthy of working in by your employees by offering access to plenty of employee incentives.