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What is Social Responsibility?

People are more socially conscious today than ever before. Consumers choose to spend their money with companies that share their values, and employees prefer to work for businesses with ethical practices. 

This reality drives corporations and even small businesses to adopt social responsibility programs that highlight their positive contributions and influence in their industry. 

Social responsibility refers to adopting policies and practices that aim to benefit communities and the world. A company can choose a cause it wants to support and be accountable to its investors and customers. 

There are many ways to pursue corporate social responsibility, i.e., volunteering and philanthropy, promoting environmental sustainability, ethical labor laws, and more.  

A few big names in the corporate world that demonstrate their social efforts include Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s, and Lego. The growth they've experienced shows the importance of social responsibility to consumers.

Corporate Social Responsibility Causes Your Company Can Partner With 

Companies should partner with one (or more) of the countless charities and organizations that exist. However, establishments should make it a point to only team up with social responsibility programs that ring true to their voice and brand; otherwise, it may come off as ingenuine.

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Today's generation, Gen Z, is more aware of their mental and physical well-being. If this cause speaks to your brand, you can partner with an organization of healthcare professionals that offers physical and emotional health support. If that's not in your budget, start a community fitness challenge or a walkathon where the proceeds go towards your cause. 

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Wellness Programs

Promote your employees to be healthier. Find a company that will build a program that incentivizes your employees to achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

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Increase Morale

Projects like these can boost employee morale and decrease burnout while saving the company money in the long term in the form of increased productivity and fewer sick days. 

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The Importance of Social Responsibility

The ultimate goal of social responsibility is to help people, and that's always a positive thing, but business owners can also immensely benefit from it. Companies that partner with social responsibility programs gain increased visibility online and earn the trust of their customers, which can potentially drive growth. Win-win.

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We're all aware of the importance of education, but unfortunately, not everyone has access to it. Perhaps if you're a proud alumni member of a state or national university, you could start or contribute to an existing scholarship program.

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Donate an auditorium, lab, or any needed equipment to the establishment. 

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Promote Education

You could also promote education among underprivileged minority students by supporting a Historically Black College or University (HBCU).

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Build Trust With Customers And Employees.

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There are countless nonprofit organizations, so you have many socially responsible causes to choose from. Whether it's climate change or child labor laws, we're sure you will find a social responsibility program that shares your company's vision. 

Any Budget

You may think that social responsibility programs are for big corporations with huge budgets. However, the positive impact a small start-up can have on its local community may surprise you. 

Promote Your Social Cause

There are many ways for you to find the right organizations for your brand and discover how you can help their cause. It can be financial, with a monetary donation or sponsorship, or it can be time-related. For example, your employees can volunteer with them for a short period. Another option would be that your company creates a product that can benefit the community. 

Involve Your Customers

Share your acts of social responsibility with your customers and inspire them to join your efforts.